0045001081 Oven Door Hinge



0045001081 Oven Door Hinge, see Item 8

Has 45-1-81 stamped on it , Fits the Following Models

4U6 Series Mercury, Columbo, Neptune, Saturn, Gemini, Polaris, Apollo, Alpha,Jupiter. Westinghouse Free-standing Cookers

63H906, EGC624, EGC634, EOC614, EOC624,EOC624, EXC614, EXC624, PAK804, PAK806, PAK808, PGN657, PON663, PXN6688, POHN663. Electrolux/Westinghouse Wall/Under-bench Ovens

* Note, For equal tension and strength replace both hinges  & needs to be sealed to door with a suitable silicone* see Related Products tab for a Silicone Sealant

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Weight 100000 kg


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