2198088144 Electrolux Vacuum Flexi Hose

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2198088144 Electrolux Vacuum Flexi Hose (Hose Only)

Suits Electrolux Models: ZCS2000 ZCS2400 ZCX6422 ZSC2000 ZSC2400 ZSC69FS2 ZAC6717 Airmax ZAM6103 Airmax ZAM6104 Airmax ZAM6280 Airmax ZAM6290 Cyclone ZCX6202 Cyclone ZCX6412 Ergo Space ZE347 Ergospace ZE340 Jetmaxx ZJG6800 Jetmaxx ZJG6840 Jetmaxx ZJM6840 Jetmaxx ZJM6850 Jetmaxx ZJM68FD1 Oxygen Plus Z7320 Silent Performer Cyclonic ZSP4304PP Super Cylcone ZSC6930 Super Cylcone ZSC6940 Super Cylcone ZSC69FD2 Super Pro Z6160 Ultra Silencer Z3328 Ultra Silencer Z3347 Ultra Silencer Z3357 Ultra Silencer Z3365 Ultra Silencer ZUS3385 

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Weight 10000000 kg


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