4933DD3001B LG Dishwasher Connector Cable

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4933DD3001B Black LG Dishwasher Connector Cable

This dishwasher door hinge cable assembly connects the door to the spring.

The door hinge cable help balance and support the weight of the door as it opens and closes.

Cable is sold individually.

Suits LG Dishwasher models – LD-1204M1, LD-1204W, LD-1204W1, LD-1403W, LD-1403W1, LD-1415M, LD-1415M1, LD-1415T1, LD-1415W1, LD-1416T, LD-1419M2, LD-1419T2, LD-1419W2, LD-1420B2, LD-1420I1, LD-1420I2, LD-1420T1, LD-1420T2, LD-1420W2, LD-1421T2, LD-1421W2, LD-1426T, LD-1426T, LD-1481S4, LD-1481W4, LD-1482S4, LD-1482T4, LD-1482W4, LD-1483T4, LD-1484B4, LD-1484T4, LD-1484W4, LD-1485T4, LD-1486L4, LD-14AT2, LD-14AT3, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD-2120W, LD-4050W, LD1452MFEN2, LD1452TFEN2, LD1452WFEN2, LD1452WFEN3, LD1453TFEN2, LD1454TFES2, LD1455TFCS2.


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