511865 Container Basket

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511865 Container Basket

Removable small items container. Light items like baby bottle teats are best placed into the small items container to prevent them from being displaced during the wash. You can extend your cutlery basket by clipping the container on its side. To optimize the cutlery space within the basket, the small items container can be placed elsewhere on the base.

Suits F&P Dishwasher models – DD60SCW9/X9, DD60DI9, DD60STI9, DD60SI9, DD60SLI9, DD60DDFX9, DD60SDFTX9, DD60SDFX9, DD60DCW9/X9, D60SCTW9/X9, DW60DCW9/X9.

Fits cutlery baskets – H0120802868 and 511870. See related product tab.

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Weight 100000 kg


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