524828 Drain Filter

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524828 Drain Filter **Was part number 523311**

Kidney shaped drain filter for F&P Dishdrawers. Helps to catch food, broken glass or other debris from getting into drain pump.

Suits F&P Dishdrawer models – DD60SDFTX7, DD60STI7, DD60SCTW7, DD60SCTX7, DD60DCW7, DD60DCX7, DD60DI7, DD60DDFX7, DD60SCW7, DD60SCX7, DD60SI7, DD60SDFX7, DD60SLI7, DD60SDFTX6, DD60STI6, DD60SDFTM6, DD60SCTW6, DD60SCTX6, DD60DCW6, DD60DCX6, DD60DI6, DD60DCM6, DD60DDFM6, DD60DDFX6, DD60SCW6, DD60SXC6, DD60SI6, DD60SCM6, DD60SDFM6, DD60SDFX6, DD60SCTM6, DD90SDFTM1, DD90SDFTX1, DD90STI1, DD90SDFTX2.


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