MDS48436401 Front Load Seal

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MDS48436401 Front Load Seal

Suits LG Dryer Models – DVH4-08W, DVH5-08W, DVH9-09B, DVH9-09W, TD-C800E, TD-C801H, TD-C8031E, TD-C8035E, TD-C803E, TD-C809E, TD-C80NPW, TD-C901H, TD-C902H, TD-C90NPE, TD-H802SJW, TD-H803CSW, TD-H901MW, TD-H903CMB, TD-H903CMW.

The rubber seal around the door of your dryer can become worn and no longer seal the door properly. This allows warm moist air to escape your dryer causing it to not dry as well and cost you more on power. If your seal doesn’t look so good we recommend you replace it.

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