ZE119 Electrolux Vacuum Ultra Turbo Head

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ZE119 Electrolux Vacuum Ultra Turbo Head  

Equipped with wheels. Suits all kinds of floors, including hard floors

Works with the Ultra Collection (36mm connection) vacuums: Ultra Active Ultra Captic Ultra One Ultra One Mini Ultra Performer Ultra Silencer & Ultra Flex.

Suits Electrolux Models: PC91-ANIMA PURED9 ZUF42010R ZUF4303PET ZUF4305AF ZUO9923PT ZUO993PT ZEG300 ZUA3810 ZUA3810P ZUA3820 ZUA3820P ZUA3821P ZUA3830 ZUA3830P ZUA3830PT ZUA3840 ZUA3860 ZUA3860P ZUAG3800 ZUF4201OR ZUF4203PET ZUF4205AF Z8821P Z8830PT Z8871P ZUS3385 ZUS3940P ZUS4065OR ZUSG3900 ZUSG3940P ZUSG3901 


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