A111916 Ariston Oven Knob

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A111916 Ariston Stainless Steel Oven Control Knob

If the knobs on your appliance are cracked, burnt or slightly worn out then it can be very difficult for you to select the right settings on your unit. Simply replace it with this knob that is extremely easy to fit yourself.

Suits Ariston & Hotpoint Oven models – CP058GT(X)F, CP65SFADK/HA, CP65SFA/HA, CP65SP2/HA, CP77SG1AG, CP77SG1/HA, CP77 SP2/HA, CP87SEA/HA, CP87SG1/HA, CP97SE2/HA, CP97SEA/HA, CP97SG1/HA, CP98SEA/HA, CP98SP1F/HA, CP98SP6F/HA, CP98SP6NL/HA, CP98SP6(X)F, CP9VP6DE/HA, CP057GT, CP057GTS, CP058GT(X)F, CP058MT, CP058MT.2, CP058MT.2B, CP058MT.2S, CP059MD, CP059MD(X)AU, CP059MD(X)AUS, CP059MD(X)DE, CP059MD.2, CP059MD.2(X)NL, CP059MD.3(X)F, CP059MD.3XFS, CP059MDXAUSS, CP059MT, CP059MT.2, CP059MT.2S, CP08SP6DK, CP0V9M(X)DE, CP0V9M(X)AUS, CP0V9M(X)DE, CP0V9MXDES, CP647GT, CP6480MT.2(X)F, CP648MT, CP648MT.2, CP648MT.2B, CP649FT.2, CP649FTDK, CP649MD, CP649MD(X)AUS, CP649MD.2, CP649MD.2(X)NL, CP649MT, CP649MT(X)DK, CP649MT.2, CP65SF8, CP65SF8DK, CP65SE9(C)/HA, CP65SF8(FR), CP65SF8DK, CP65SG1/HA, CP65SG1/HAS, CP65SP2/HAS, CP66SP6(X)NL/HA, CP6V8M(X)DE, CP6VF8EE, CP757GT, CP757GT(IT), CP758MT, CP758MT.2, CP759FT, CP770SG1AG, CP77SG1HAS, CP77SP2/HAS, CP77SP2HAS, CP78SF8, CP857GT, CP859MT, CP859MT(X)AUS, CP859MT(X)AUS, CP859MT.2, CP859MTXAUSS, CP87SEAHAS, CP87SG1HAS, CP97SEA/HAS, CP97SEAHAS, CP97SG1/HAS, CP980SP6AG, CP98SEAHAS, CP98SP1(X)F, CP98SP6(X)F, CP98SP6ANL/HA, CP98SP6FHAS, CP98SP6KFHA, CP98SP6NLHAS, CP9VP6DE/HAS, CPDO902X I/HA, EG600P, EG600P, EG600X, EG900X, EG900X, EG900X, EG900XS, EG902GX, EG902GXS

NOTE: Ariston Part Number: C00111916. Also suitable for the brand Indesit.


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