10x Capacitors 7µF 8µf AA0007 AA0008 400V *STOCK ARRIVING LATE APRIL*

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Quantity of 10x Capacitors 400V 7µF or 8µf or a mix

NOTE: Please ensure to state which of each you are after at the checkout. Otherwise 5 of each will be sent.

+/-5% Tolerance

If you only have 2 wires and not 4, hold the capacitor so terminals are horizontal and use the two top or bottom terminals to connect next to each other, not top and bottom.
Overall length from terminals to fixing attachments: 75mm

Suits Fisher & Paykel, Simpson, Westinghouse, Electrolux and many more.

AA0007 427906P

Fisher & Paykel AD35 AD35A AD36 AD39 AD52 AD53 AD55 ED50 ED52 ED53 ED54 ED55 ED56 ED57 93111-A DE35F56AW1 DE45F56AW1 DE45F56AW1 93008-A DE45F56EW1 SDA53A SDA54E DE35F56AW 1 93101-A DE50F56A

AA0008 058840004 125653961

Simpson Minimax Maxidry Sirocco Eziset Eziloader 39A360P-000 39A365S-000 39A450P-000 39A455S-000 39B360P*13 39B365S*12 39B365S*13 39B450P*13 39B455S*12 39B455S*13 39B506SE 39B510SA*12 39B510SA*12 39D361P*13 39D362P*13 39D452P*13 39D456S*12 39D456S*13 39D457S*12 39D457S*13 39D505SR*12 39D505SR*13 39D512SA*12 39D512SA*13 39P350J*01 39P350J*02 39P350K*01 39P350K*02 39P350K*03 39P361E*02 39P361E*03 39P362E*02 39P362E*03 39P450J*01 39P450J*02 39P450K*01 39P450K*02 39P450K*03 39P452E*02 39P452E*03 39S355J*01 39S355J*01 39S367E*02 39S367E*03 39S455J*01 39S455J*02 39S455K*01 39S455K*02 39S455K*03 39S456E*02 39S456E*03 39S457E*02 39S457E*03 39S500J*01 39S500J*02 39S500K*01 39S500K*02 39S500K*03 39S505E*02 39S505E*03 39S512E*01 39S512E*02 39S512E*03 39S550J*01 39S550J*02 39S550K*01 39S550K*02 39S550K*03 39S555J*01 39S555J*02 39S555K*01 39S555K*02 39S555K*03 LD500B*00 LD505EB*00 LD605EB*00 39P400M 39S500M 39S600M EDE605A*00 LD505EB LD505EB*01 LD605EB LD605EB*01 39P400M*00 39S500M*00 39S600M*00 39S505EM*00 EDV505 EDV605 EDV605S 39S500M

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